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When interacting with our website we collect and process your data. This is necessary to best accommodate our services to your personal needs. Personal data denotes to information used to determine an individual. The following policy will outline how we process and store your data, whilst also protecting your privacy.

The information we collect
As you interact with Belledonnas’ website, our network collects information based on your input. This could be explicit information that you actively choose to disclose with us. For instance, when making an enquiry you will prompted to share personal details such as name, property address, email address and telephone number. Similarly, personal data we collect could be based on activities you engage in while using the site which is automatically obtained (also known as log data). Log data includes information such as IP address, browser type, domain source, search engine terms, webpage files viewed and at what date/time interval.

How we use your information
We may use the data we collect from you to certify that our webpage content is displayed in the most visually efficient manner. This can help us alter our website to maximise your user satisfaction. If you disclosed your phone number and email address whilst making an enquiry, we will use it purely to communicate with you. We may also use your information to meet government regulations and laws that relate to Belledonna. Any data collected is not used with the purpose of advertising to you, as Belledonna does not make any money from advertisements. We retain and store the information we attain through log data or through your record until we have satisfied the purpose for which we initially collected the data for.

Opting out
Under guidelines set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are entitled to opt out of data admission. This can be done by adjusting the settings on your webpage browser. However, there may be instances where you are required to disclose personal information, e.g. by law, under contractual terms or to access Belledonna’s services. Choosing to withhold personal data may prolong our ability to execute our terms of service. Thus, this can entirely halt or inhibit any current or future access to our services.

How we protect your privacy
At Belledonna we promise to:
• Keep your personal data safe and only sharing it when a legal requirement warrants it
• Keep your personal data up to date to amend any inaccuracies
• Delete your personal data once it has served the purpose for which we initially collected the data for
• Assist you in accessing your personal data if required
• Offer choice in marketing preferences so that you decide what you hear from us

Protecting your privacy and personal data is crucial, and we will always aim to keep this a top priority. However, it is worth noting that no online method currently exists that guarantees 100% security when processing your personal information. In the event of a change occurring to our privacy policy, the ‘Last Updated’ date will be subsequently updated to keep in line with any changes and to simultaneously function in notifying you. The responsibility thus lies with you to keep yourself informed about any changes that our privacy policy may be subject to.

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