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Agreement to terms of service
Before proceeding with Bellodonna’s website, please read these terms carefully and thoroughly. When accessing our services, you agree to be held accountable to these terms and conditions. Your right to access our services is governed by your adherence to our terms and conditions. Failing to comply to these terms can impede your rights to access our services. If at any instance you breach our terms and conditions, we can terminate your access to our service without prior notice.
By accessing our site, you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted our terms and conditions. Disagreeing with our terms and conditions means you are forbidden from accessing and using our site any further, and are thus advised to discontinue immediately. Belledonna fulfils the right to make any amendments to their terms and conditions without notice at any point in time irrespective of reason. In the event of a change occurring to our terms and conditions, the ‘Last Updated’ date will be subsequently updated to keep in line with any changes and to simultaneously function in notifying you. The responsibility thus lies with you to keep yourself informed about any changes that our terms and conditions may be subject to.

Access to Belledonnas’ site from a country which upholds laws that contradict its usage, shifts the responsibility entirely to the individual who ventured on that premise. All who access the site and any subsequent services offered by Belledonna must be aged 18 or over.

Intellectual Property Rights
All intellectual property displayed on Belledonna’s website are strictly owned by Belledonna and are protected by copyright and trademark laws. This includes logos, source codes, databases, website designs, texts, photographs, and site graphics. As part of the terms and conditions, you agree not to use or distribute Belledonna’s intellectual property without consent. If at any point Belledonna’s intellectual property rights are violated or infringed, we reserve the right to pursue criminal prosecution and collect damages.

User information
By using our site and services, you agree that all the information disclosed is accurate and complete and you are solely responsible for ensuring this. Failing to fulfil this clause enables Belledonna to seek indemnification for any damages resulting from the breach.

Date privacy
Please read our privacy policy for further information.

Whilst all efforts have been made to certify complete and absolute accurate information is provided, Belledonna is not liable for any errors and emissions that may be transmitted on our site.

Unlawful use
Per our terms of service clause, you agree not to use our site or services for any illegal or criminal activities and purposes. Failing to meet this condition authorises Belledonna to terminate any settled agreements and prevent you from using and accessing its services.

All prices are subject to a consultation at Belledonna. Standard prices may change without notice at any time.

Following a consultation at Belledonna, a quote will be provided based on the individual needs of the client. Once the client accepts the quote, Belledonna will provide an invoice. Payment will either be due once the agreed upon service is completed or per prescribed date on the invoice. Any late payments will prompt a charge of 5% interest per annum above the base rate set by the Bank of England until payment is complete. All payments must be made in pound sterling unless an alternative currency was agreed upon.

Please arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes prior to start time. Failure to adhere to your appointment time will shorten your treatment time.

Cancellation rights
You reserve the right to cancel any arrangements with Belledonna after a consultation. However, any further proceedings beyond a consultation leaves you liable to charges that Belledonna will deem suitable. We kindly ask you to give at least 48 hours’ notice before your appointment starts if you intend on cancelling. At any point Belledonna retains the right to cancel any agreed arrangements with a client if they see fit irrespective of reason.

If in the rare event a service is completed in a flawed manner, your consumer rights constitute your right to seek reimbursement and demand corrective action at no extra cost.

If an external factor takes precedence that is beyond Belledonna’s or the clients governance, neither parties will be held liable for not proceeding with any arrangements. Factors include but are not limited to acts of terrorism, storm, fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricane, government interference, power failure, internet failure, civil unrest, and any other element beyond either party’s control.

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